Ecotech is an Acoem brand

Ecotech became part of Acoem in 2017. That means that our suite of trusted air quality measurement solutions – including Aurora, Serinus, Congrego and Spectronus – are all now available through Acoem worldwide.

Acoem’s acquisition of Ecotech gives us the opportunity to further expand our research & development capabilities and leverage the global synergies of Acoem’s environment solutions. Together, there is no limit to what we can achieve to create environments of possibility.

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A shared pathway attracts global interest

In early 2017, more than 4 decades after Australian engineer Robert Dal Sasso and his wife Judy established Ecotech – a highly respected environmental monitoring company – the organisation embarked on a new stage in its growth and development.

Ecotech caught the attention of the global Acoem Group which was looking to expand its environmental operations to complement and balance its other line of business specializing in alignment systems and condition monitoring.

What initially drew Acoem to Ecotech was its stellar reputation in the sector and its commitment to precision data – qualities it had in common with Acoem. The two also shared a dedication to sustainable growth, a strong focus on customer service and binding values that steered their trajectory.

The Acoem era :
synergies, partnerships & growth

The subsequent merger between the two companies brought together two proven innovators in data science and engineering with a united mission to improve environmental, productivity and regulatory outcomes for government agencies, industries and communities around the world.

Becoming an integral part of Acoem was the springboard Ecotech needed to expand its reach into new and emerging markets while solidifying existing ones. The merger created greater economies of scale, extended its research and development capabilities and allowed Ecotech to leverage Acoem expertise and distribution channels worldwide. It also provided Ecotech with the opportunity to offer more services and align with other environmental organisations within the Acoem portfolio including:

  • 01dB, noise and vibration
  • Met One, BAM particulate monitoring specialists
  • Air Monitors UK, pioneers in hyperlocal air quality modelling
  • Dynoptic Systems, CEMs
  • Tunnel Sensors, tunnel environmental parameter solutions

After 45 years of trading under the Ecotech name and cementing a global reputation for excellence in the field of environmental monitoring, the Ecotech brand was retired in 2021 to harmonise with its parent company.

In 2021, Ecotech became known as Acoem Australasia and the united Acoem organisation is now made up of close to 1000 employees, 6 manufacturing facilities and 5 R&D centres in 9 countries with 200+ distributors — providing trusted, holistic data solutions for our customers in nearly 100 countries and creating environments of possibility for all.

About Acoem

Products that are synonymous with environmental research & leadership

Acoem Australasia continues to place a heavy emphasis on precise data and the research and development of its range of sensors, analysers, calibrators, samplers and loggers — designed and manufactured in Australia and India.

Its equipment – such as the signature Serinus™ suite of gas analysers; the ACTRIS-accredited Aurora™ range of integrating nephelometers; and the ICOS-approved Spectronus® greenhouse and trace gas analyser – are the instruments of choice of leading atmospheric research networks and global scientists, garnering a global reputation for reliability and excellence in the field or the lab.

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