Particulate Monitors (real time)


Ecotech designs and integrates a wide range of continuous particulate monitors including light scattering based PM monitors and beta attenuation monitors.

Our monitors can be incorporated into air conditioned weatherproof shelters or can be stand alone powered by solar panels. We offer a wide range of solutions for many different types of industries including mining, construction, pulp & paper, cement manufacturing, aluminium smelting and compliance monitoring of all types.


Ecotech are an authorised systems integrators of the Met One range of particulate monitors authorised to distribute systems incorporating their products world wide. We also design and manufacture our own range of continuous aerosol monitors including the Aurora integrating nephelometer.

Ecotech offers fully integrated solar powered particulate monitoring systems utilising either the beta attenuation or light scattering technique for accurate, reliable and low maintenance performance.


These systems incorporate solar panels, batteries, data acquisition, remote communication and data validation and reporting software that is used to remotely download data from the monitors using 3G communication. Meteorological parameters such as wind speed, direction, relative humidity and temperature can also be incorporated and mounted on an integrated mast.

Ecotech designs and supplies systems capable of determining the contribution of particulates from a local source such as a quarry or a site undergoing decontamination.

These systems utilise a variety of particulate monitors, wind speed and direction sensors and the Ecotech WinAQMS Data Acquisition System which calculates the difference between the upwind particulate concentration and the downwind particulate concentration performing calculations to determine the actual site contribution of particulates.


If site contribution rises above a settable threshold then alarms can be sent to site operators to activate dust suppression activities. Data can also be retrieved remotely using Ecotech's Wincollect software.

Particulate monitoring can be combined with:

  • Wind speed/direction
  • Automatic reporting
  • Visibility measurements
  • Gaseous pollutants (O3, CO, CO2, SO2, NOX etc)



Ecotech's Spirant BAM  is U.S. EPA approved for PM10 & PM2.5 Beta Attenuation Monitor.

We incorporate these accurate, reliable and low maintenance instruments into our air quality monitoring systems and distribute them globally.

spirant 1000gif



Source apportionment monitoring involves instruments that allow users to measure particulate mass measurements (mg/m3) every minute, along with giving indications of changes in particulate composition and source.


By utilising the Aurora Nephelometer (measuring scattering coeficient of aerosols) and connecting it to a beta attenuation monitor (measuring PM concentrations) it is possible to create a correlation factor which can automatically adjust the PM output from the Aurora Nephelometer in order to provide 1 minute real time PM data.

This correction factor will remain constant and can automatically be updated every hour. If the particulate type/source changes due to a change in the particulate air mass, such as when urban air is replaced by marine air due to a wind change the correction factor will change. This change in the correction factor can be continuously monitored and provides information on changes in aerosol chemistry.

This solution provides the following data:


  • Hourly averaged PM concentration from a U.S. EPA approved compliance monitors
  • Scattering coefficient from the nephelometer
  • Corrected real time 1 minute PM concentrations.
  • Scatter/PM correction factor (updated hourly)
  • Ambient Visibility based on Koshmediers theorem







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