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    U.S. EPA approval for the Serinus Gas analyzer series

    U.S. EPA approval for Serinus gas analyzer range

    Ecotech, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of environmental monitoring equipment is pleased to announce U.S. EPA approval for its new Serinus gas analyzer range. According to Ecotech’s General Manager, Nicholas Dal Sasso, the approvals are a vital step in the global launch of the new product line. “We are pleased to obtain U.S. EPA approval for the entire range of Serinus gas analyzers,” said Mr. Dal Sasso. “We are confident that the Serinus will give customers the performance they need, with Ecotech’s proven reliability, but at a much lower total cost of ownership.”

    The Serinus series includes the following:

      Model Parameter U.S. EPA designation #
      Serinus 10 Ozone (O3) EQOA–0809–187
      Serinus 30 Carbon Monoxide (CO) RFCA–0509–174
      Serinus 40 Oxides of Nitrogen (NO, NO2, NOX) RFNA–0809–186
      Serinus 50 Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) EQSA–0809–188

    Further specialist models, including precursor trace gas analyzers, will be progressively released from 2010 onwards.

    The Serinus series ambient gas analyzer derives its name from the genus (group) of the canary, which was the first effective ‘method’ used to detect harmful gases in coalmines. Just as the humble canary helped protect the health of early coal miners, so too will the new gas analyzers play their part in helping deliver a cleaner, safer, healthier global environment.

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