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    About Us

    About Us

    Ecotech is an Australian owned ISO9001/14001/17025 certified company with more than 35 years experience in servicing, maintaining, designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning ambient air and emission monitoring systems around the world.




    Ecotech is ISO17025 accredited for the operation and maintenance of ambient air and continuous emission monitoring systems and was first accredited in 1999. We operate the largest network of monitoring systems in the southern hemisphere consisting of more than 180 monitoring systems. We operate, maintain and provide ISO17025 accredited data reports to our customers.


    Ecotech manufacturers a wide range of monitoring equipment and systems in our Head Office. Equipment designed and manufactured by Ecotech includes:

    • Ambient air analysers,
    • Ambient air quality monitoring systems
    • Trace/background NCore ambient monitoring systems
    • Greenhouse gas analysers
    • Blast monitoring systems
    • Continuous emission monitoring systems
    • Aurora integrating nephelometers
    • High volume air samplers
    • Low volume air samplers
    • Gas dilution calibration systems
    • Zero air generators
    • Data acquisition systems
    • Data collection, validation and reporting software

    Ecotech actively exports to all parts of the world including Asia, North and South America, Africa and Europe and has exported over 1000 ambient and emission monitoring systems and thousands of products used in ambient air and emission monitoring systems. It is this world-wide experience which has enabled Ecotech to become one of the world’s leading designers of ambient air and emission monitoring systems.

    We are acknowledged by all of our international customers as providing the best designed ambient monitoring systems they have seen. This has led to continued business in all of these countries. (References are available upon request).

    Ecotech ploughs a considerable percentage of our annual revenue back into R&D activities resulting in significant improvements in our ambient air analyzers, gas dilution calibrators, high volume air samplers, data acquisition systems, data collection and reporting software and the development of the first and only Australian designed and manufactured integrating nephelometer.

    There are few if any other organizations in the world, which have the depth of knowledge and experience that Ecotech has developed over the past 32 years in the design, manufacture, systems integration, installation, maintenance and operation of ambient air quality and continuous emission monitoring systems.


    Company Certifications

    Ecotech's Certifications


    Company Certificates

    Quality Endorsed Company certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 International Standards for Quality Systems.

    Certification Date: 8th Feb 1997


    ISO17025/NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accreditation for the maintenance and operation of ambient air and emission monitoring

    systems. (NATA accreditation is based on ISO17025:2005)

    Certification Date: 28th Oct 1999


    Certified to AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004 International Standards for Environmental Management Systems.

    Certification Date: 15th Feb 2005


    Certified to AS/NZS 4801:2001 International Standards for Safety Management System

    Certification Date: 14th May 2010

    Product Approvals

    Product Approvals


    EN approval (MCERTS & Tüv) for the Serinus gas analyzer range

    • O3 = Sira MC 100165/02 (EN14625), Tüv 936/21221977/C Report
    • CO = Sira MC 100166/02 (EN14626), Tüv 936/21221977/D Report
    • NOX = Sira MC 100167/02 (EN14211), Tüv 936/21221977/A Report
    • SO2 = Sira MC 100168/03 (EN14212), Tüv 936/21221977/B Report

    U.S. EPA approvals for the Serinus gas analyser range

    • O3 = EQOA-09-118-10
    • CO = RFCA-08-291-16
    • NOX = RFNA-09-078-15
    • SO2 = EQSA-08-291-15 

    U.S. EPA approval for Ambient EC9800 gas analyzer range
    • O3 = EQOA-0193-091
    • CO = RFCA-0992-088
    • NOX =RFNA-1292-090
    • SO2 = EQSA-0193-092

    U.S. EPA approval for Trace EC9800 gas analyzer range

    • CO = RFCA-0992-088
    • NOX =RFNA-1292-090
    • SO2 = EQSA-0193-092

    U.S. EPA approval for HiVol 3000 High Volume air sampler . . .
    • HiVol = 05-333-13





    Ecotech's History

    1976 .................. Establishment of Ecotech founded by Robert Dal Sasso.
    1978 Ecotech starts distributing air quality monitoring analyzers.
    1989 Ecotech employs 10 staff and moves to new building in Melbourne
    1992 Ecotech establishes branch offices around Australia.
    1993 Ecotech starts exporting to India, Mexico and Cyprus
    1994 Ecotech export markets grow to include Cyprus, Mexico, Colombia, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.
    1995 First contract to supply air quality data reports
    1999 NATA/ISO17025 accreditation obtained for the operation of air quality and emissions monitoring systems
    1999 Ecotech starts manufacturing EC9800 range of gas analyzers
    Ecotech wins $2.4M contract for supplying air quality analyzers to Taiwan
    2006 Ecotech wins Governor of Victoria's Export Award for small to medium manufactuer
    2006 Ecotech moves to new custom designed 4000m2 building in Melbourne
    2007 Ecotech staff numbers exceed 100
    2008 Ecotech inducted into Victorian Chamber of Manufacturer's Hall of fame
    2009 Ecotech's export markets grow to 60 countries and wins 2009 Australia-Latin America Business Excellence Award
    2009 Serinus range of ambient gas analyzers released and U.S. EPA approval received

    Ecotech introduces Blast Monitoring Service

    Spectronus greenhouse and isotope analyser manufactured under license from University of Wollongong
    Ecotech wins Governor of Victoria Innovation Excellence Export Award
    Ecotech acquires Alstom's chemistry and environmental business




      Vision and Mission


      Ecotech will be a leading provider of environmental monitoring solutionsto the global market.



      As a supplier of choice Ecotech will provide our customers with world class environmental monitoring solutions.


      This will be achieved by:


      • Offering complete solutions using the best available products and services to exceed our customers requirements.
      • Partnering with customers and suppliers to develop long term and mutually beneficial relationships.
      • Ongoing research and development to ensure continuous product, process and service innovation.
      • Ensuring business remains profitable and financially sustainable.
      • Being an employer of choice by attracting and retaining passionate, knowledgeable and resourceful staff.
      • Maintaining an ethical approach with all stakeholders.
      • Collaborating with industry, regulatory and community groups in the development of standards, regulations and social awareness.
      • Remaining committed to safety, quality and the environment.





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